About Us

Al Ain Classic Car Museum

    Ain Al Faida Complex, Al Ain City Emirate of Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Humble origins, big dreams for the future

    The Al Ain Classic Car Museum started as a small collection of personal and member cars in 2009. Originally located near the Al Ain Sportsplex, the collection soon moved to its current location in Ain Al Fayda . In its early days, the colection was sheltered under a traditional khaima (tent) that eventually developed into a 2,000sqm air-conditioned building. While the Museum is still in an expansion stage, we hope to further refine our workshop, and add a gift store for the enjoyment of tourists and locals alike. We aim to make our museum into the best one in its category. Our collection keeps rotating, so every time you visit there is something new to see!

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    Who we are

    We are car-crazed believers

    At the Al Ain Classic Car Museum, we take our involvement with classic cars to a whole new level. Each member of our staff is truly passionate about vehicles of all kinds and ages; many of them being classic car owners themselves.

    We are custodians of history

    Many of our club members’ vehicles have lived across multiple generations and countries, defying national boundaries and the ravages of time. We believe that, during the time we spend with these vehicles, it is only fair to respect our elders.

    What Do We Do and Why Choose Us ??

    We are your #1 classic car source in the UAE, and provide a wide array of services for your classic car to be in optimal operating and cosmetic condition:

    • Classic car storage, display and preservation
    • Vintage vehicle restoration and repair
    • Private VIP maintenance and service
    • Pre-purchase evaluation and appraisal
    • Classic car event organization and rental

    There are many factors that make our Museum unlike any other in the UAE. We invite you to come to Al Ain and see everything we have to offer!

    • Enviable location near Green Mubazzarah
    • Highly qualified, diverse and professional team
    • Worldwide network of spare parts sources
    • Exhibitor of choice, Abu Dhabi Government
    • 100% privately owned: flexible, fast response